A Must Read New Book.

If you have any interest at all in hypnotherapy or past life you will find this book an intoxicating read, I have gathered a large collection of Hypno-books during my last 19 years of clinical practice, many of which are a bland read, but this new book from Steve Burgess is both fascinating and entertaining.


If I have one criticism, it is, that it didn't last long enough, I read it in two evenings wanting more!

A controversial subject..yes!  Read this book....... it may well make you re-evaluate your thoughts and ideas about Past Life Regression...Fascinating!

Although it’s being officially published on 29th April, Steve has copies in stock at his office. To order a copy (which Steve will sign and send out post-free) please go on to the book’s website or send Steve a cheque (to the address below) for £8.99 made payable to Lionheart Training.
After 29th April it’ll be available on Amazon and at bookshops.

Buy it, Read it, Enjoy it!Reading

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